About Tower
The Aalborg Tower is a landmark in Aalborg, which is 105 meters above sea level, and the highest vantage point in the whole of Aalborg.

The tower was built on the occasion of a business exhibition, Nordjysk Exhibition, in 1933. The tower was however torn down again after there exhibition, but since it cost 40,000 DKK to tear it down again, bought The Broderlige Skydeselskab Tower for only 5,000 DKK and has since run the tower as a business.

Aalborg Tower – more than a view

From the top there are views over the entire city in all directions and on a clear day it is possible to see all the way to the Hals Barre lighthouse-while enjoying something to eat or drink from the bistro. The circular building construction offers a stunning 360-degree panoramic views that show Aalborg city, and the entire North Jutland, from an angle you have not seen before, and with a view that cannot be compared.


Aalborg Tårnet

Søndre Skovvej 30
9000 Aalborg 

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